Students must have noticed a successive increase in cut-off in the CSIR NET life sciences exam. In june 2011, CSIR had changed the exam pattern from descriptive type to objective type and with this they provide question booklet to students to carry it with them.

If you compare the cut-off before 2011 and afterwards, you can easily figure out that there has been a substantial increase in cut-off marks particularly since 2014. Where the cut-off for descriptive type pattern before 2011 was nearly between 40% (for JRF) for general category candidates, now it has gone upto 60% for objective type pattern and and experts suggest that it will go high and high in the coming time.

CSIE NET Life Sciences – Hike in fellowship & 3X choice

So what is the reason for this successive increase in cut-off? It is not that more candidates are opting for CSIR NET now a days due to hike in research fellowship since 2015 nor students are taking sudden interest in research. Experts suggest that this is due to the availability of question booklet. Few years back people didn’t know what type of question will come in the exam and  which topic is more important relatively. But now you have the question papers and if you compare all the question papers since june 2011 to present, you can easily find the trick i.e. which topic is relatively more important and what type of questions (mostly experimental) are coming in the exam. Also the choice given in ‘C’ section is 3 times specifically for CSIR NET life sciences students, this has also boosted the continuously increasing merit list.

Therefore students are now more acclimatized with questions pattern leading to more competition and more cut-off and this increase in cut-off will not be sigmoidal but logarithmic!

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