The syllabus for CSIR-NET life science exam is extremely vast and it is very difficult to prepare all the topics.

The interesting thing is that you don’t need to study whole syllabus. Out of the 13 topics, only 7-8 topics are sufficient to get NET-JRF.

First choose 8 units from the following column by your choice (it is advised that aspirants should pick those units which they had studied in their post-graduation) And then prepare your units by below listed important books.

Books for CSIR NET life sciences aspirants

1. Biochemistry by Nelson & Cox

2. Fundamental processes by J D Watson

3. Cellular organization by G Karp

4. Cell communication and cell signaling by J Kuby, Lehninger and G Karp

5. Plant physiology by Taiz & Zeiger

6. Animal physiology by Guyton

7. Inheritance biology by Brooker

8. Ecological principles by P D Sharma

9. Developmental biology by Gilbert

10. Applied biology by Stanbury, Hall & Whitaker and T A Brown

11. Evolution and behaviour by Strickberger

12. Diversity of life forms by XI and XII NCERT biology books

13. Methods in biology by Wilson & Walker, Primrose and T A Brown

……………………….because life is science…………………………

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