Students have to prepare differently for CSIR NET LS (lecturership) & JRF (junior research fellowship) and for CSIR NET SPM (shyama prasad mukherjee fellowship).

Total 8 units are sufficient for CSIR NET. But for studying these 8 units different approach has to be followed. 

For CSIR NET LS & JRF a single standard book for every unit is sufficient (which is given below but for CSIR NET SPM two standard books for every unit has to be followed.

Followings are the CSIR NET books for LS and JRF

1. Biochemistry by Lehninger

2. Molecular biology by Watson  

3. Cell biology by Karp  

4. Genetics by Brooker  

5. Immunology by Kuby  

6. Biotechnology by Brown  

7. Plant physiology by Taiz  

8. Animal physiology by Guyton  

9. Ecology by Smith  

10. Developmental biology by Gilbert  

Folowings are the CSIR NET books for SPM

1. Biochemistry by Lehninger and Voet

2. Molecular biology by Watson and Lewin  

3. Cell biology by Karp and Alberts  

4. Genetics by Brooker and Snustad

5. Immunology by Kuby and Riotts  

6. Biotechnology by Brown and Primrose  

7. Plant physiology by Taiz and Hopkins  

8. Animal physiology by Guyton and Tortora  

9. Ecology by Smith and Molles  

10. Developmental biology by Gilbert and Wolpert

No need to get panic, the exam is simple but complex and easily achievable by hard work and

smart study.

Good luck

…………………..because life is science………………………

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